We develop and maintain substantial physical and virtual infrastructure. Our physical facilities include state-of-the-art spaces for research and education. Our virtual infrastructure includes open source software, hardware, and data sets. Some examples follow, including startups spun off from our work.

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The IDEA lab provides physical facilities for teaching and research purposes to the entire campus community, including a wide array of VR and AR headsets and high performance workstations with a large swath of software. It also provides 3D scanning and 3D printing services. It is the home of the Illini VR Club and Illini E-Sports RSOs.

Elisandro (Alex) Cabada and Stuart Turner

Spatial Computing and Immersive Multimedia (SCIM) Studio

The SCIM Studio at Grainger Library is available to all faculty, staff and students to explore emerging technologies related to Immersive Computing. It includes a wide range of headsets, cameras, audio systems, workstations, and production facilities. Jake Metz and Eric Kurt


The Stu/Dio is a student run development support studio providing consultation, design, project curation and project oversight for immersive research and educational projects.  Dan Cermak

CITL Innovation Studio & VR Lab  

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) Innovation Studio is a hands-on, emerging technology studio with gaming computers, VR headsets, a video wall, and a variety of innovative technologies to experience available for course visits, weekly open hours, and other events. The VR Lab is available for small VR research, development, and testing projects. It contains gaming computers, VR headsets, a green screen, and a mixed-reality headset. Jamie Nelson

Intelligent Robotics Lab

The IRL facility provides a variety of facilities for robotics work, including a motion capture system capable of millimeter accuracy, allowing tracking and position feedback in an indoor facility where GPS is unavailable.

John Hart (

Beckman Visualization Laboratory   

The Visualization Laboratory resources support a wide variety of equipment for research including: 2D/3D/4D image analysis and quantification, scientific visualization, ultra-high speed video, macro-photography, macro-video, video production, 3D animation, high-resolution 2D scanning, 3D object scanning, and additional capabilities in support of imaging. Mark Hasegawa-Johnson


Enduvo is an Illinois spun startup that enables anyone to quickly create, share, and experience powerful immersive training through a no-code, intuitive AR/VR content authoring and delivery platform.


ILLIXR (Illinois Extended Reality) Testbed

ILLIXR is an end-to-end open source XR system and research testbed to democratize XR systems research, development, and benchmarking. Sarita Adve

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