IMMERSE Technologies Thrust Lead; Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professor, Computer Science
Instructional Designer, Applied Research Institute
Director of IMMERSE; Richard T. Cheng Professor of Computer Science
Donald B. Gillies Professor, Computer Science
Assistant Dean for Research, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
Lecturer, School of Information Science
Research Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
IMMERSE Advisor, Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering and Department Head, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Journalism
Associate Director of Education for IMMERSE; Director of Informatics Programs, School of Information Sciences
Assistant Professor, College of Applied Health Sciences
IMMERSE Applications Thrust Lead; Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Education Facilitator, Biomedical & Translational Sciences, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
IMMERSE Special Projects Lead; Assistant Professor and Emerging Technologies and Immersive Services Librarian, University Library
IMMERSE Human Experiences Thrust Lead; Social Factors Theme Lead; Professor, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering; Director, Engineering Innovation and Medical Simulation
Director of Data Science Research Services, College of Business
IMMERSE Applications Ecosystem Theme Lead; Games Studies Coordinator, School of Information Sciences
Senior Instructor, Accountancy, Gies College of Business
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
IMMERSE Healthcare Theme Lead; IMMERSE Advisor; Dean, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
Professor, Educational Psychology
Executive Director of IMMERSE
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Professor, Computer Science
IMMERSE Advisor, NCSA Director
Research Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Specialized Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
Professor, Computer Science
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
IMMERSE Science of Design Theme Lead; Professor, Computer Science
Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar, Computer Science
IMMERSE Education Theme Co-Lead; M.E. Van Valkenburg Faculty Fellow, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Simulation Operations Manager, Jump Simulation Center
Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Senior Instructional Designer, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
Assistant Director of Research in Medical Simulation, Health Care Engineering Systems Center
Lead Research Software Engineer, NCSA
Colonel Harry F. and Frankie M. Lovell Endowed Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Interim Manager, Scholarly Commons; Media Commons Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
IMMERSE Contextual Factors Theme Lead; Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Curriculum & Instruction
Professor, Information Sciences
Caterpillar Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Science & Engineering
Interim Associate Dean for Technology and Online Learning, LAS
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Technology Specialist, Library; Scholarly/Media Commons
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Computer Science
IMMERSE Advisor; Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering and Professor, Computer Science
Associate Professor & Chair, Scenic Design
Associate Director, Educational Innovation, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning/Gies College of Business
Teaching Associate Professor, Informatics
IMMERSE Advisor; Professor, Computer Science
Director of Corporate Development,Carle Illinois College of Medicine
IMMERSE Advisor; Gilmore Family Endowed Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration and Director of MS Analytics and Director of Illinois MakerLab and DPI Faculty in Residence
Graphic Design Assistant Professor
Head, Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, Professor, University Library
Clinical Assistant Professor, Design Academic Programs Developer, Siebel Center for Design
Professor & Chair, Industrial Design
IMMERSE Education Theme Co-Lead; Director of Foundational Sciences Education, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
IMMERSE Advisor; Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs; Teaching Associate Professor, Computer Science
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Biomedical Visualization/Media Specialist, iLearning@VetMed
IMMERSE Scalable Co-Design Theme Lead; Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Game Studies and Design, Informatics
Professor, Bioengineering and Beckman Institute
Associate Director of Infrastructure for IMMERSE; Director, Siebel Center for Design; Assistant Professor, Technology Entrepreneurship
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Faculty Fellow, NCSA
Viz Artist, NCSA
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Professor and Undergraduate Director, Dance
IT Solutions Architect, College of Business
Professor and PhD Program Director, Information Sciences
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Curriculum Content Developer, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
IMMERSE Artificial Intelligence Theme Lead; Assistant Professor, Computer Science
IMMERSE Experiential Factors Theme Lead; Institute of Communication Research, College of Media
Computer Science Assistant Professor